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Cannabis-infused tinctures from the cannabis experts at Joyology in Lowell are highly concentrated herbal extracts that are made to be absorbed under the tongue. This allows for the quick absorption of cannabis into your bloodstream. Cannabis lovers today really love cannabis-infused tinctures because of the fact that you are able to receive all of the positive effects from cannabis without having to deal with the smoke or vapor that comes from ingesting cannabis in other ways.

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When you use cannabis tinctures from Joyology in Lowell, you can improve your sleep quality, reduce your anxiety levels, help with appetite problems, and receive pain relief from chronic conditions and inflammation. Since they are absorbed sublingually, cannabis-infused tinctures are absorbed much more quickly than cannabis edibles are. Tinctures from Joyology don’t have to be digested the way that edibles do, so they begin working in around 30 mins once used.

Joyology, Your Hookup for Cannabis Tinctures

When you need the perfect cannabis-infused tincture, it’s easy to find here at Joyology in Lowell. Ask one of our friendly team members which type of tincture is right for your needs. We are always happy to help, or you can take advantage of our convenient online ordering, curbside pickup, or in-store pickup. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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