Medical Cannabis

Cannabinoids, which are special chemicals found in marijuana, impact the receptors in your nervous system to make you high when you use marijuana. There are two main cannabinoids found in cannabis, THC, and CBD. Both have medicinal properties that many people with illnesses benefit from, which is why we offer medicinal options at our Quincy provisioning center. Our goal is to provide relief to our customers who suffer from chronic illnesses with top-quality medicinal cannabis products.

Medicinal Cannabis in Quincy, MI

Some studies suggest that cannabinoids found in medicinal marijuana will reduce anxiety and, in turn, reduce muscle tension that causes chronic pain. It may also reduce nausea and inflammation in the body, which are all positive side effects to combat illnesses that many people suffer from. Medicinal marijuana is available with higher potency and can be purchased in higher quantities for those who qualify compared to recreational marijuana, which means more relief for those who need it.

Quincy, MI Medical Cannabis Provisioning Center

At our Quincy provisioning center, we keep all of our medicinal cannabis options well-stocked for our customers who benefit from the physical and mental relief it brings. Our inventory comes in a wide range, including CBD-only options for those who are looking for relief but without the impact of being high. We’re proud to serve Quincy with in-store pickup, curbside pickup, online ordering, and delivery options for your convenience. Stop by to see us and start feeling better.

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