Cannabis Basics

Studies on cannabis remain limited. However, preliminary findings are extremely promising and support the potential health benefits of cannabis use. Both for mental and physical health, cannabis is definitely worth being explored further. And it’s about time. Because of federal regulations, research has been restricted to a single facility since 1968. In 2021, the Drug Enforcement Administration finally began the process of registering further American companies to produce marijuana for medicinal and scientific purposes.

Learn More About the Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis has been important to medicine for thousands of years. It can be traced back to a variety of cultures, including Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Romans, and Persians. While the psychoactive properties were used for rituals or religious ceremonies, the marijuana plant was mainly considered a treatment for gout, depression, malaria, nausea, inflammation, and as an anesthetic. Most likely introduced to North America by the Spanish in the late 1500s, marijuana was grown by early colonists.

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Today, the cannabis industry is fast-growing and the line of products is nearly endless. Here at Joyology, we offer a wide selection of consumption methods, strains, potency, and terpenes. Whether you’re looking to inspire creativity, boost energy, get a better night’s rest, socialize more comfortably, treat chronic pain, de-stress, or whatever your preferences or goals, we help you find the ideal choice. Our budtenders are well-versed in our menu and happy to answer questions and provide guidance.

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