Curbside Pickup

After a long day or afternoon of running errands and popping in and out of stores, it’s great to have the option to pick up your order without ever leaving your car. If you’re in the Reading, Michigan area and want the convenience of curbside pickup for your cannabis products, look no further than Joyology. We have a huge selection of products, answers to any of your marijuana-related questions, and can have your order out to you in no time.

Curbside Cannabis Pickup Services in Reading, MI

To complete a curbside pickup order, start by going online and confirming that you’ll pick it up at our Reading provisioning center. After that, choose from our huge selection of products to complete your order. Whether you’re interested in tinctures or pre-rolls, indica or sativa, medicinal or recreational, we have the perfect products to suit your mood or occasion. Once you’ve selected all of the items you’re interested in, we’ll confirm your order via text and/or call to let you know when it will be ready for pickup.

Stop by Joyology for cannabis pickup in Reading!

Joyology has been serving the Reading area since 2002 with top-quality cannabis at prices you’ll feel good about. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable, helpful, and fun staff members ready to answer your questions and fulfill your order. Our goal is to have an easy, fun, and carefree environment for our employees and visitors so you keep coming back for more.

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