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Welcome to Joyology where deals and discounts are everyday. Stop in and see us at our Allegan provisioning center, located right at 400 Water Street, anytime from 9 AM to 9 PM. We’re here seven days per week with our truly impressive assortment of cannabis vapes. Shop on-site or place an order online. We’re happy to prepare your choices for in-store pickup!

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Hoping to get inspired, focused or creative? Looking to relax, mellow out or get some decent sleep? Want to uplift your mood or boost your energy levels? Our selection of vapes cater to recreational enjoyment and therapeutic purposes. The simplicity of use, portability and discretion are perfect for those new to cannabis as well those familiar. The incredible burst of flavor takes the benefits of smoking to the next level.

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Platinum Vapes, Mach Pharms, PACKWOODS, Amnesia, STIIIZY and Select are just the beginning of our sophisticated collection of popular brands. Check out an extensive and exciting variety of indicas, sativas and hybrids, including Electric Green Apple, Grape Ape, Jungle Juice, Lilac Diesel, Trainwreck and Skywalker. With disposables, refillables and every level of THC potency, Joyology is where you find your favorite vapes.

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