Methods of Consumption

When it comes to the enjoyment, effects and mental and physical benefits of cannabis, how it is consumed is an important consideration. If you’ve restricted your experience to one or two methods, you could very well be missing out on a rewarding opportunity. Each method is unique. Exploration is the key to finding your favorite, and Joyology is here to help. 

Joyology Offers a Wide Cannabis Product Selection

At our multiple locations, Joyology offers a wide selection of cannabis opportunities. We represent all three basic delivery methods: inhalation, oral and topical. Included under those broad methods are an exciting variety of techniques. We welcome you to browse our shelves, question our budtenders and broaden your horizon. 

Various Methods of Cannabis Consumption

We’ve included some basic information here to get you started!

Inhalation covers smoking and vaporization and draws the cannabinoids into the lungs before absorption into the bloodstream. 

There are many ways of smoking cannabis, such as:

  • Hand pipes are most common, small, portable, and simple to use.
  • Water pipes such as bongs and bubblers incorporate water to cool the smoke.
  • Rolling papers for joints and blunts.
  • Hookahs where the cannabis is packed between tobacco and allows multiple people to smoke at the same time.

Vaporization offers an alternative to smoking with fewer health concerns. A vaporizer avoids combustion and potentially harmful toxins by heating the cannabis to a temperature just high enough to extract the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. There’s also less odor. There are all kinds of vaporizer designs, including portable vape pens and dabbing.

Oral delivery covers food, beverages, tinctures, and ingestible oils.

  • Edibles are available in everything from gummies and brownies to sodas. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract, eating or drinking cannabis results in a delayed onset and powerful effects. 
  • Tinctures offer dosage control and fast-acting effects. A few drops are placed under the tongue, where the cannabinoids are absorbed by the blood vessels. Tinctures can also be added to food and consumed like an edible.
  • Ingestible oils can be taken by way of capsules or eaten.

Topicals avoid the “high” sensation and provide localized effects. Lotions, balms, ointments, transdermal patches and sprays are applied directly and the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin.

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