Cannabis Infused Topicals in Quincy, MI

Stop by Joyology at 104 W Chicago St. Our Quincy dispensary is a welcoming environment, open from 9 AM to 9 PM seven days per week, and your opportunity to delve into the benefits of cannabis-infused topicals. Rose & Bergamot THC lotion, Vanilla Mint CBD lotion and a rewarding array of options incorporate perfectly into your treatment plan. If you’re not sure of the right fit for your needs, our well-informed and educated staff is delighted to be of assistance.

Marijuana Dispensary in Quincy, MI | Cannabis Cream Tekonska, MI | Weed Topicals Coldwater, MI

From high CBD topicals to sativas and hybrids, our carefully curated collection of topicals are the creation of industry pioneers such as Escape Artists, Mary’s Medicinals, Neno’s Naturals, Michigan Organic Rub and WYLDFIRE. Targeted effects range from relaxing, calming, inspiring, energizing and focus to treating chronic pain, inflammation, skin concerns and more. Transdermal patches and scented/unscented lotions accommodate your lifestyle and objectives.

Full Body Cannabis Topicals at Joyology

Transdermal patches are a unique delivery method, reaching different pathways and providing an especially effective full-body treatment. For pain, nausea, muscle spasms and a variety of issues, our patches are discreet, take care of dosing and provide an alternative to smoking, vaping and oral consumption. Shop an assortment of topicals from Joyology in-person or order line. Enjoy the convenience of in-store or curbside pickup. We welcome medicinal patients and 21+ recreational customers.

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