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Joyology offers modern opportunities for consuming cannabis. Elevating convenience, enjoyment and the benefits of holistic plant-based medicine, we carry an extensive selection of pre-rolls in singles, packs and varieties infused with concentrates and more. Whether you enjoy smokable flower for recreational pleasure or medicinal purposes, pre-rolls are a game-changer. The beginner as well as the practiced devotee get a perfect product every time. Without requiring specialized accessories or creating a mess, ready-to-smoke joints and blunts fit right into a pocket and deliver an even burn. Check out the incredible selection at Joyology and consider our infused varieties for an extra kick of THC. Producers such as DragonFly, Loco, Toker’s Choice, Jeeter, Stiiizy and more showcase cannabinoids and terpenes for a diversity of effects.

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Are you looking to treat pain and inflammation, hoping for a good night’s sleep, ready to de-stress, get motivated for a workout, relax or hang out with friends? Pre-rolls are the perfect choice. Fitting into a pocket for easy portability, there’s no skills or accessories required, yet the assurance of a consistent smoke. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much THC or CBD per dose. Joyology curates our selection of pre-rolled joints and blunts from industry pioneers such as STIIIZY, Jeeter, PACKWOODS, Blaze, Glorious, Amnesia, Doobies, Loco and Michigrown. Explore sativas, hybrids and indicas. With the affordability of singles, go ahead and find your new favorites. Blueberry Yum Yum, Cake Mix, Cereal Milk, Durban Poison, Peanut Butter Gelato and Slurricane are a few of the exciting strains waiting on our shelves.

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At Joyology, we support wellness of mind, body and spirit. We advocate the healing properties of natural medicine and strive to elevate health and happiness. Our budtenders encourage questions and look forward to providing assistance. We hope you’ll stop by and check out the amazing selection of pre-rolls available at our Burton provisioning center. Joyology offers multiple provisioning center locations. Situated at 4186 Davison Road, our Burton shop welcomes MMJ cardholders and adult 21+ consumers every single day of the week. Free parking, an ATM on-site, CBD products and in-store pickup are just a few of the many amenities that make shopping with us convenient, satisfying and a destination to look forward to. Consult with our knowledgeable budtenders for insight into our fabulous pre-rolls. Spend some time browsing and make your purchases in-store or by way of online ordering! Our doors are open seven days per week, and we include online ordering, curbside pickup and in-store pickup.

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