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Welcome to Joyology, where the quality of cannabis bud is always a priority. As with all of our locations, our Burton provision center exemplifies the cannabinoids and terpenes that elevate the experience. A glance at our collection of marijuana flower reveals a depth of colors. A sniff ensures freshness. We hope you’ll take a closer look and appreciate the fiery orange pistils and abundance of glistening trichomes that exemplify the very best weed.

Cannabis Flower & Weed Bud in Burton,MI

Are you a well-seasoned flower aficionado? Whether you know your bud or are just getting started, Joyology is the first step toward a rewarding experience. Our array of hybrids, indicas, and sativas cater to your tolerance level and desired effects. From energizing, boosting mood, and inspiring creativity to relaxing, mellowing out with friends, and life-on-the-go, we’ve got you covered.

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Just ask. No matter the question about our cannabis flower, we’re happy to answer. Our budtenders are knowledgeable about and excited by our products. We love talking about them. It’s a great day when we match a customer’s preferences to the perfect strain. With brands such as Way Up, Highlands, DogHouse, Cookies, and more, you’re going to find something exceptional to try at Joyology. Our Burton recreational dispensary is open seven days a week, and we include online ordering, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup.

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