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The high quality cannabis-infused tinctures at Joyology in Burton are herbal extracts that allow for the quick absorption of cannabis into your body. These highly concentrated extracts can either be absorbed under the tongue or simply swallowed. While there are many positive effects that come from the use of our cannabis-infused tinctures, one of the best parts about them is the fact that they are free of clouds of smoke or vapor. Like other kinds of cannabis products, the use of cannabis-infused tinctures can help to reduce anxiety or stress levels, provide support for appetite issues, improve your sleep patterns, and reduce symptoms or relieve pain.

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Cannabis-infused tinctures are absorbed faster than cannabis edibles are since they are used sublingually. You can also control your dosage levels drop by drop through the convenient bottles that they are stored in. When drops of a cannabis-infused tincture are put under your tongue, they are then absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The effects from the cannabis begin in about half an hour. Tinctures are much more potent because of the large concentration of cannabis that is found in a smaller dose.

Specialized Cannabis Tinctures at Joyology

When you are looking for the right kind of tincture for your specific needs, you can trust our highly trained cannabis experts here at Joyology in Burton. No matter what type of tincture you are interested in, we can help. Stop by our Burton location today or take advantage of our convenient online ordering and curbside pickup service.

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