The Gift of Being Present

May 8, 2020
By Joyology

The Gift of Being Present

How many things do you have going on in your head right now? Work. Kids. Mortgage. Soccer practice. Hockey practice. Date night. Pizza night. Taco Tuesday. It goes on and on. It loads up your brain. Stresses you out. Sends oceans of cortisol rushing through your veins. And robs you of the health and wellness benefits of being present.

According to a Harvard study, human beings are happiest when they are present in the moment. Psychologists collected information on the daily activities, thoughts and feelings of 2,250 volunteers to find out how often they were focused on what they were doing, and what made them most happy. The team concluded that reminiscing, thinking ahead or daydreaming tended to make people more miserable, even when they were thinking about something pleasant.

So should you never allow your mind to drift off to a pleasant memory? Put off planning ahead? Quit daydreaming? No. Do all of those things. Just not at the same time or while you’re doing something else. For example, try petting your dog. And focus only on petting the dog. Feel your fingers running through the fur. Think about the bond you’re forming with another creature. Allow yourself to simply pet your dog. Don’t think about work. Don’t wonder what’s going to happen next. Just allow yourself to stay in the present. Your stress levels will reduce and your anxiety will ease. After all, there’s nothing stressful about simply petting a dog.

If you’re managing pain, staying present can be difficult. We are biologically hardwired to focus on the pain we are feeling no matter what we’re doing. It’s how the body makes sure we’re paying attention and we get ourselves to a doctor. When we use cannabis to treat pain, not only do we see great results but the brain can relax and allow us to once again be present in the moment.

Sour Diesel is a great strain for focus. Probably due to its unique profile of terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds in cannabis that shape your experience by influencing a strain’s aroma, flavor and, many researchers believe, it’s effects. Sour D delivers a speedy euphoria and when properly dosed allows the mind to stay nimble but focused.

For other great strains and products that can help you relax and help you stay in the moment come talk to us at Joyology. We’re here to answer your questions, guide you in the right direction and do everything we can to help you understand how the science of happiness can improve your life.

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